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To me the practice of yoga is about freedom. Freeing myself from stuff that block the systems, in body and mind -

making myself wiser and brave enough to function to my best abilities and trueself. 


Yoga with me if you are interested in becoming stronger, more flexible, at ease or having fun. And perhaps you will get to know yourself better and find room for freedom, bravery and acceptance.


My class goal is that students shall find a balance that allows them to challenge themselves and what they think - both on and off the yoga mat. 



The tone of voice of a teacher has always been very important to me. It has to be safe, trustworthy and have sense of humour  - so I can relax and get into my own practice. I strive for that when teaching myself.


I teach alignment based vinyasa, hatha, yin and kids yoga - because if you can root down you have the chance to take off  - corporate, privets, groups and athletes and assist yoga teacher trainings. 


Registered E-ryt 200 with Yoga Alliance.


I regularly teach in Avesta, Sweden and Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Contact: for more info or to book.


I have had the privilege to learn from so many gifted teachers and I try my best to do them justice. Some of the fun, crazy and loving souls that has inspired me are Lance Schuler and his team at Inspya, Tiffany Cruikshank, Sienna Sherman and Jambo Truong.




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